Why You May Need An Air Duct Cleaning

What's In Your Air Ducts?

You may need an air duct cleaning if you've noticed - 

-Excessive dust in your home
-Suffering from allergy like symptoms
-Noticed a musty smell in your home

In air duct systems ten years old or more dust, microbials and debris can collect over the years.  If your system is less than ten years old, other problems can occur with your duct system that can cause your air duct system to function improperly. 

-Cable or plumbing construction in attic spaces may have disrupted or puncture duct work
-You may have a squirrel or other animal that has chewed through a duct
-Your ducts may not be properly sealed or duct tape has loosened over the years.

​Four Seasons Air Conditioning, Inc. is an authorized and trained contactor by Rotobrush, the leader in air duct cleaning equipment.

Free Air Duct Inspection

If your duct system is ten years old or more, schedule your free duct inspection today.  

Your Healthy Air Expert Will-

  • Visually inspect your duct system
  • Take pictures/video inside of ducts
  • Show you the results of photos/videos
  • If a duct cleaning is needed, discuss options for cleaning your system.

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